Is 4160V medium voltage?

Is 4160V medium voltage?

Medium Voltage (MV) is typically defined as the range of 600-100,000V. In standard voltages, this includes 4160V systems up to 69kV systems even though most equipment ratings stop at 38kV. Here are three specific areas of medium voltage protection and arc flash mitigation we can help with.

How much does a 1000 hp electric motor weight?

5,590 lbs
Stock No: 58660

Brand/Model: Teco Westinghouse –
Description: New Teco Westinghouse 1000 HP electric motor with following features: • 1783 RPM • 4000 Volts • 131 Amps • 3 Phase • 60 Hz • 1.15 Service Factor • WP II Enclosure • 4010 Frame • Weight 5,590 lbs • Dims (76”L x 73”W x 66” H)
HP: 1000
RPM: 1783
Volts: 4000

What are medium voltage motors?

There can be different ideas about what qualifies as a low, medium or high voltage motor. “Some people consider anything above 1000 V as high voltage. The limits are clearly defined, however, in the IEC 60038 standard: low voltage is up to 1000 V, medium voltage is from 1000 V to 35 kV, and high voltage is over 35 kV.

What voltage is 4160?

4160-480 volts | Electrician Talk.

Where can I buy a 4160 volt motor?

Genemco also has for sale a large selection of quality used ammonia screw compressors, 4160 volt motor starter control panels and 4160 volt transformers. Stock No: DTTC844B.

How big is a Baldor 4160 volt motor?

Overall dimensions: 5 ft. 7 in. L x 5 ft. 2 in. W x 3 ft. 2 in. H. Stock No: DTTC834B. Baldor Electric Motor – 700 HP. S/N: N041/0288-01060110. Motor specifications: 3575 rpm, 2300/4160 V, 152/84 amps, 60 Hz, 3 phase. Continuous duty. Frame: 5011Z.

Which is more efficient, a 480V or a 4160v?

Operating Costs: 480V drives are more efficient at lower horsepower Not only are 4160V drives more expensive initially, for applications of 1,000HP or less, they are more expensive to operate. Considering that 800-1,000HP motors are the most common in the oilfield, a medium-voltage drive is simply overkill.

Is it pay off to go with 4160v?

Has anyone done any studies or may just know off the top of their head at what hp level does it pay off to go with 4160V. Taking into account a second transformer would now be required as well as a seperate MCC lineup, etc. Any help would be appreciated.