Everything you need to know about European Roulette

Attempting to predict which slot a little ball will fall into on a spinning wheel is the goal of this game of chance. The little sphere has 37 potential landing spots marked on the European wheel. This would be the accepted definition of European Roulette for the British market. This game has grown in fame and popularity since its inception. European wheel games are available in most brick-and-mortar and live dealer casinos.

How European Roulette Works?

Many players choose the single-zero wheel arrangement when deciding between American and European roulette. It increases your odds of winning with each turn of the wheel and adds a bonus thanks to a regulation called La Partage. If a player wagers on a color like red or black, for instance and the ball falls on zero, they will get half of their investment returned, according to the rule.

Because of this, the house advantage on such bets is reduced by half. Another variation of La Partage you may encounter is the En Prison rule; it allows you to recoup your stake after a zero-sum spin.

How to play European roulette, whether for fun or with real money?

After you’ve decided how much to wager, put your chips on one of the available betting selections. For instance, to place a wager of 100 INR, you would utilize a scrap with that denomination. Be patient and let the croupier spin the wheel or, in random number generator games, press the spin button on your own.

Your reward will be processed promptly if you win as determined by the spin result. Depending on the wager, the amount could change. If it doesn’t work, try again. To improve your odds of winning, read the following advice and study the fundamental methods.

Table for European roulette

You can witness the game’s principles in action at the roulette table, also called the layout. The croupier is responsible for putting the table in motion to determine whether the wagers result in a win or a loss. Players place chips on the table to lock in their bets, and the croupier is responsible for starting the clock.

From 0 to 36 are the numbers shown on the primary section of the European roulette wheel. Players must remember to put their chips in the designated spot to collect an inside bet. Each row has an area on the right where players may place bets on which of the twelve numbers the ball will fall. In addition, players may make outside or proposition bets, such as higher or lower, red or black, and even or odd.

Helpful hints and methods for playing European roulette online

Bets paying out 1:1 are the way for gamblers on a tight budget. Compared to the rest, their odds of winning are astronomical. Progressive methods might be the way to go while playing European roulette online at betFIRST for real money if you’re not strapped for cash.

With these methods, you must follow a certain system—for example, the Martingale—and raise your bet amount regularly. However, when you win, the payment will cover your losses and provide you with a profit. For pleasure, without danger, try your hand at European roulette at online casino to see how it works or to hone your strategy.


Both the European and American versions of roulette are often considered to be among the most popular casino games played all over the globe. Although the two variants have a few significant distinctions, playing anyone will surely be a blast. Consider playing American Roulette if you’re in the mood for a more thrilling game or European Roulette if you want a game with a better statistical probability of winning.