Tips on staying safe when watching sports online

More fans are breaking from the traditional method of watching sports, moving from the effort of visiting a stadium and the restrictiveness of watching the big match live on television to enjoying live streaming. This allows them to combine their love of football, horse racing, basketball and other major professional sports with their daily schedule. The best live streaming apps can be viewed on an Android or iOS smartphone device, meaning they are mobile. Turn everyday situations like the commute home from work into an opportunity to watch your team battle for the win.

Live streaming apps limit the chances of you missing your team play. Having to work or being out of the house going about your business is no longer a good enough reason to miss out. Modern technology brings sport to you, wherever and whenever. You can even watch American Football while on vacation in France or keep up to speed with the play while shopping for an outfit for the weekend. You are in complete control of what you watch, when you watch and where you watch.

In addition to enjoying the match, live streaming apps provided by bookmakers allow you to watch and bet on the play. Try it today. You can download a smartphone betting app from a legal and licensed bookmaker like Bet Now, create an account, bet on the next horse race due off, then watch the racing, cheering your pick to victory. It’s a great time to be a lover of sports with a passion for technology.

It’s important to keep your guard up

You don’t have to be a tech whizz kid to understand how to get the best out of a live streaming app. Every effort has been made to streamline the process, from downloading an app and registering an account to watching through an HD quality live stream. The process has been kept as simple, fast and responsive as possible. The aim of the app owners is to ensure it appeals to and is accessible to a large section of the population. Regardless of your experience with online betting apps or live streaming apps, you’ll find the latest options to be both simple and effective.

Watching and betting on sports through a live streaming app is great, but it’s not without its dangers. So, how do you protect your security and privacy when watching an NFL match or the deciding set from a match at the Wimbledon Championships? When caught up in the drama of it all, it’s easy to neglect the basic online safety measures. But there are a few simple steps you can do to ensure you are as protected as possible and limit the dangers associated with using your smartphone’s data or Wi-Fi connection to view the play.

Below we set out some advice that is designed to keep you safe. These points are very easy to follow and shouldn’t affect your enjoyment of the game, race or fight.

Stay protected

The best live streams are provided by online bookmakers. This is because sports betting apps have invested heavily in the technology behind streaming sports to your smartphone. They are HD quality with exciting camera angles and up to the minute stats. The best bit of all is it’s usually free of charge to watch. Why do bookies offer the best live streaming, and why does it come without a cost? It’s simply to encourage in-play betting.

When watching sports through a sportsbook app, you must first ensure that online betting is legal and licensed in your region. You should then double-check that the bookie used is licensed and regulated. To protect your account and online privacy, create a username and password that is memorable to you but would be near-impossible to guess if you were a hacker. Insist on either face recognition or fingerprint technology to access your account.

Never share your login information with anyone, and don’t access your account from a shared computer such as one used at an internet cafe. Always be wary of the Wi-Fi connection you are using to watch sport. There are full terms and conditions on live streaming at your bookie of choice.