Are hooded seals aggressive?

Are hooded seals aggressive?

Behavior and Diet. Hooded seals are not social. They migrate and remain alone for most of the year except during mating season. They are more aggressive and territorial than other seal species.

How many hooded seals are there?

The total hooded seal population is currently estimated to be 650,000, consisting of 250,000 in the Jan Mayen population and 400,000 in the northwest Atlantic Ocean.

What is the red thing on a hooded seal?

They eat fish and other marine life. What is the red thing on a hooded seal? The red nose on a hooded seal is its inflated nasal septum, which is the wall between the two nostrils. Only male hooded seals are able to inflate their nasal septum this way.

Are hooded seals carnivores?

Hooded seal/Trophic level

How did the Cystophora cristata get its name?

( “Cystophora cristata, Hooded Seal”, 2007; Kovacs and Lavigne, 1986) Hooded seals get their name from the inflatable “hood” on the top of the heads of males. The hood is not present until males are about 4 years old. When the hood is deflated, it hangs down over the upper lip.

When does a Cystophora cristata reach sexual maturity?

( “Cystophora cristata”, 2009; Kovacs and Lavigne, 1986) Females reach the age of sexual maturity between 2 and 9 years old and it is estimated that most females give birth to their first young at around 5 years of age. Males reach sexual maturity a little later around 4 to 6 years old but often do not mate until much later.

What kind of sound does a Cystophora make?

However, their most important form of communication is produced from the hood and septum. They are able to produce pulses ranging from 500 to 6 Hz, these sounds can be heard on land and in the water. They are often seen moving their inflated hood and nasal septum up and down, which can create sounds described as “pings” and “whooshes”.