Are butcher block countertops a fad?

Are butcher block countertops a fad?

The secret is out: Butcher Block Countertops are the latest kitchen trend. You heard it here first this might just be the biggest trend in 2020. Having dark countertops in the back and a wood island is a nice solution from letting wood take over this kitchen.

Will butcher block counters go out of style?

Clear through the sawdust and decide if wooden counters are right for you. It’s no wonder butcher-block countertops are a constant in cozy country cottages and rustic farmhouses alike. The surface, made up of assembled wooden boards, is warmer and more inviting than other materials and never goes out of style.

What is the difference between butcher block and wood countertops?

Traditional wood surfaces often are reserved for lower-traffic applications, such as islands that double as eating areas. True butcher block, made from strips of wood bonded together, serves as a work surface. Most wood countertops are made from maple, though oak, cherry, walnut and teak are also used.

What are the benefits of butcher block countertops?

Attractive benefits of butcher block countertops are their contribution to a green lifestyle. Benefits of butcher block countertops include saving good hardwood from being discarded, reducing carbon emissions and saving trees by saving lumber.

How do you make a butcher block top?

To make your own butcher block table top, use 1 inch by 2 inch pieces of wood cut to lengths 1/2 inch larger than the actual width of the top.

What do you need to know about butcher block?

Butcher block countertops are beautiful and work well with any decor, but there are a few tips you need to know before committing to this trend. You’ll have to take care of them. While pretty, butcher block countertops require much more maintenance than their marble or stone counterparts. They warm up your kitchen. Natural wood adds a rustic feel to any space and can help make your kitchen feel more cozy and comfortable. There are different styles. You can skip the cutting board.

What exactly is butcher block?

Exactly what is butcher block? Butcher block is made from straight cuts of timber glued with each other right into thick pieces that give an especially sturdy as well as stable work surface area in a kitchen, whether as a cutting board, tabletop, or counter.