How much does a TrackingPoint scope cost?

How much does a TrackingPoint scope cost?

Tracking Point charges from $22,500 to $27,500 for the different versions of its bolt-action rifle, which has a five-round magazine using .

What is a TrackingPoint gun?

TrackingPoint is an applied technology company based in Austin, Texas. In 2011, it created a long-range rifle system that was the first precision guided firearm. 338 Lapua bolt-action rifle that can hit targets out to 1,400 yards (1,280 m).

Is TrackingPoint still in business?

TrackingPoint has fallen on hard times and is no longer selling its $27,500 sniper rifles with digital smartscopes. The Austin-based startup made rifles that allowed even novices to hit stationary targets at 1,000 yards. …

What is a self tracking rifle?

The tracking system includes a computer, laser rangefinder, camera, and color display in a sighting scope mounted on top. You track your quarry on the display (pictured) and push a button near the trigger to lock a red laser dot on the target.

How much does a tracking point rifle cost?

TrackingPoint has been in the news because of the $27,000 super high-tech rifle it makes, capable of 1,000-yard shots (see TrackingPoint page 20). That rifle system has a number of differences from this Remington system, but suffice it to say TrackingPoint’s technological expertise is what makes the Networked Tracking Scope work.

What is the TP app for tracking point?

The TP App is a utility for TrackingPoint’s Networked Tracking Scope, it allows users to manage recorded media and to configure various settings. * Greatly improved management of your shot and tag videos and photos.

How much weight does a networked tracking scope add?

The Networked Tracking Scope adds almost three pounds to the rifle. With the tag button atop the optic, offhand shooting and tagging is nearly impossible. It’s simply too difficult to hold a 10- or 11-pound rifle up with one hand and keep it still enough to effectively place the white dot on your target while you also press the tag button.

How does a Remington 2020 tracking scope work?

Line up the blue circle with the red tag dot, and the whole reticle, circle and aiming posts also turn red. Squeeze the trigger at that point, and the bullet is heading right for the red dot. The author took this axis deer at 240 yards with the Remington 2020 Networked Tracking Scope. The shot was a quick, clean kill through the lungs.