What is UNHCR excom?

What is UNHCR excom?

The Executive Committee of the High Commissioner’s Programme (ExCom) meets in Geneva annually to review and approve the agency’s programmes and budget, advise on international protection and discuss a range of other issues with UNHCR and intergovernmental and non-governmental partners.

What is the meaning of excom?


Acronym Definition
EXCOM Executive Committee
EXCOM Extended Communications Search (US DoD)
EXCOM Ex-Communicated
EXCOM District Executive Committee

Which countries are members of UNHCR?

All Countries

  • A. Afghanistan (Islamic Republic of) (2) Angola (3)
  • B. Benin (4) Burkina Faso (5)
  • C. Cabo Verde (3) Cameroon (3) Central African Republic (4) Chad (6)
  • D. Democratic Republic of the Congo (5)
  • E. Ecuador (3) Ethiopia (4)
  • G. Gabon (1) Gambia (4) Ghana (4) Guinea (4)
  • I. Iran (Islamic Republic of) (2)
  • K. Kenya (7)

How many members are there in UNHCR?

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is a subsidiary organ of the UN General Assembly, which created it in 1949. It began operating in 1951, and its headquarters are in Geneva. The agency currently has a national and international staff of more than 7,190 working in 123 countries.

Who are the members of the UNHCR ExCom?

ExCom also adopts conclusions, notably on international protection, as well as decisions on a range of administrative, financial and procedural issues. The Executive Committee Bureau comprises four office holders: the Chairperson, two Vice-Chairpersons and the Rapporteur representing the four United Nations regional groups.

What happens at the UNHCR Executive Committee session?

For more information, including on the 2019 winner, please visit www.unhcr.org/nansen. 1. Opening of the session, adoption of the agenda and other organizational matters 2. Statement by the High Commissioner 3. High-level segment on statelessness and general debate 4. Consideration of reports on the work of the Standing Committee

How many members are on the ExCom Executive Committee?

ExCom currently consists of 107 members. When it was first established, the Executive Committee consisted of 25 members. With the increase in the volume and geographical spread of the activities of the Office to cover almost all regions of the world, ExCom membership has grown with successive resolutions of the General Assembly and ECOSOC.

What are the financial statements of the UNHCR?

Financial statements for the year 2018 as contained in the Report of the Board of Auditors to the General Assembly on the financial report and audited financial statements of the voluntary funds administered by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for the year ended 31 December 2018 (A/AC.96/1190) 5.