Is it okay to brake check a tailgater?

Is it okay to brake check a tailgater?

“To intentionally apply your brakes because somebody is tailgating you could be a violation of 22109, which is known as brake checking. Sometimes this will lead to an aggressive confrontation known as road rage.”

What is brake checking on the highway?

A brake test, also known as a brake check, occurs when a driver deliberately brakes hard in front of another driver who is tailgating, or immediately after overtaking, causing the second driver to swerve or otherwise react quickly to avoid an accident.

Are you at fault if someone brake checks you?

Determining Fault for a brake checking accident In most cases, the is fault placed on the person that rear-ended the other driver. Because as a driver you have the responsibility to drive a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. So, you can stop without hitting them if they apply the brakes.

What happens if you get brake checked?

A brake check occurs when a driver deliberately applies their brakes to get another driver, who they often believe is tailgating them, to back off. The obvious danger of a brake check is that the other driver might not be prepared to stop. Brake checking can, in fact, make a person liable for causing an accident.

What happens when you brake on a motorway?

If you attempt to enter the motorway while doing 30 or more kilometres per hour less than the other traffic you will cause them to brake. This causes a chain of braking that travels backwards up the motorway. This article describes how a wave of stopped or slowed cars travels backwards up the motorway.

What should I look for in a brake inspection?

A brake inspection should always include a thorough examination of your entire brake system from the pedal to the rotors and drums (the brake parts attached to your wheels). Along the way, your brake lines should be checked for leaks and proper hydraulic pressure.

Why do we need a 55 point brake inspection?

Your vehicle’s brake system has one job – to stop your vehicle. But it takes dozens of components working together to do that job. And each component has a different replacement cycle. That’s why Midas developed the 55-point brake inspection at the heart of our Secure Stop® brake service.

What should you know before driving on a motorway?

Before driving on a freeway or motorway you should make sure your vehicle has enough fuel, oil and water, and the correct tyre pressures. Sustained high-speed driving puts more stress on your engine and can also cause your tyres to overheat.