Which bank BSB is 067 167?

Which bank BSB is 067 167?

Australia BSB Number 067-167 – Commonwealth Bank

BSB Number 067-167
Financial Institution CBA
Address 1 Harbour St Shop C4 Darling Walk
City Sydney

What bank is BSB 06?

Commonwealth Bank
Commonwealth Bank BSB generally begins with 06. Macquarie Bank also has a universal BSB of 182-512.

What is BSB number in Commonwealth Bank?

What is a BSB number? BSB stands for ‘bank, state, branch’, and is a set of 6 characters that identifies where a bank account is in Australia. Commonwealth Bank uses BSB numbers to identify the bank and branch holding a bank account in Australia.

What bank is BSB 01?

The BSB is normally used in association with the account number system used by each financial institution….List of Australian bank codes.

Number Code Bank Name
03 or 73 WBC Westpac
06 or 76 CBA Commonwealth Bank
08 or 78 NAB National Australia Bank

What is the CBA BSB number 067-167?

BSB number – 067-167 – Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Sydney. What is a BSB Number? The 067-167 BSB number is a six-digit numeric code used to identify the “CBA Cash Management Services” individual branch of Australian financial institution “Commonwealth Bank of Australia”.

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