Does Rand have 3 wives?

Does Rand have 3 wives?

Rand is bonded to his three lovers, Min Farshaw, Elayne Trakand, and Aviendha of the Nine Valleys sept of the Taardad Aiel; he is also unwillingly bonded to Alanna Mosvani. Elayne is pregnant with his twins. According to Min’s viewings, Aviendha will have four children from him, all at once.

Is Rand Al Thor death?

Summary. Rand al’Thor, dying, slips on his blood, he is carrying Moridin’s body. An elderly Aiel woman kneels beside Rand and says “Yes… Yes, that’s good.

What happens to Rand in the Wheel of Time?

The very final scene, where Rand lights his pipe and heads off into the world was the ending scene that Robert Jordan wrote when it became clear that he would not finish the series on his own. Rand’s body is definitely burning in the pyre at the end.

How old is Rand in eye of the world?

Dannil Lewin is 13 in The Eye of the World, Earlier, when Egwene is 9 and Mat, Rand and Perrin are 12.

How old is Rand in the Wheel of Time?

Dannil Lewin is 13 in The Eye of the World, Earlier, when Egwene is 9 and Mat, Rand and Perrin are 12. Birth year listed in The Wheel of Time Companion.

Who is the most powerful Aes Sedai?

Nynaeve is the strongest Aes Sedai. However, among the Light siders, Alivia is far stronger and Sharina will become stronger. I would say that Alivia > Cyndane, instead of both tied at level 20 (Lanfear at 21).

How did mat die in wheel of time?

The way Rand brought Mat back when he was hung. Mat didn’t die when he was hung. Medically speaking, he was unconscious because of asphyxia-induced hypoxia. He would have been dead in another minute or two, but when Rand cut him down, he was not. Lews Therin leaving his head would be the death of Lews Therin, not Rand al’Thor.

What happens to Rand and Moridin in wheel of time?

When a wave of Mashadar threatens them both, they simultaneously weave bars of balefire to destroy it. The balefire streams, one woven with saidin, the other with the True Power, cross and create a paradox that gives Rand a ringing headache and double vision. An unusual side-effect of this event was that Rand and Moridin become mentally linked.

How tall is Rand al’Thor in wheel of time?

Rand al’Thor is the Dragon Reborn, the champion of the Light in the battle against the Dark One and one of the main protagonists of the series. Rand is very tall – 6’6″ or 198 cm in height. He has blue-gray eyes and dark hair with a “reddish tinge”, both features of his Aiel heritage. He is broad-shouldered and slender, but muscular.

Who are Rand’s family members in wheel of time?

Rand’s extended family has the following members: Luc Mantear: Rand’s uncle. Galadedrid Damodred: Rand’s half-brother. Mordrellen Mantear: Rand’s grandmother. Dolera Mantear: Rand’s great-grandmother.