Who is the No 1 direct selling company?

Who is the No 1 direct selling company?

The 500 Largest Direct Sales Companies In The World 2021

# Company Revenue 2019
1 Amway Revenue 2019 8,400
2 Natura Cosmeticos Revenue 2019 3,660
3 Herbalife Revenue 2019 4,877
4 Vorwerk Revenue 2019 4,230

Who is direct selling news?

Direct Selling News (DSN) is the channel’s trusted source for journalism—breaking global news, emerging trends and insights curated for busy direct selling executives taking their business to the next level.

What is the latest method of direct selling?

Types of direct marketing

  • Direct mail. Direct mail is posted mail that advertises your business and its products and services.
  • Telemarketing.
  • Email marketing.
  • Text (SMS) marketing.
  • Leaflet marketing using letterbox drops and handouts.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Direct selling.
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Which company is best for direct selling?

The 2020 List of Top 100 MLM Companies in the World

2020 Rank Company 2019 Revenue
1 Amway US$ 8.8 Billion
2 Market America US$ 7.3 Billion
3 Avon Products Inc. US$ 5.5 Billion
4 Herbalife US$ 4.9 Billion

Which is the best source for Direct Selling News?

Nobody covers the business of direct selling better than Direct Selling News (DSN). DSN is the channel’s trusted source for journalism—our global perspective keeps busy direct selling executives informed, engaged and a step ahead. We curate breaking global news, emerging trends and powerful stories.

Who are the top direct selling companies in the world?

Business For Home is compiling the Top Direct Selling Companies in the world for 2021. We have nominated over 500+ Top Direct Selling opportunities.

How does DSN reflect the global reach of direct selling?

To fully reflect the global reach of direct selling, each year, DSN has been able to extend the boundaries of research by working with research partners, including China-based World Direct Selling Research Institute, to obtain information on international companies.

What kind of products are sold through direct selling?

Many people think of cosmetics, wellness products and home décor as products that are often sold through direct sales, but add to that countless other product categories including kitchen products, high end jewellery, clothing, organic gardening supplies, Forex, spa products, scrapbooking supplies, rubber stamps and much, much more.