What is online assessment in education?

What is online assessment in education?

In very simple terms, an online assessment may be defined as an evaluation of a person’s abilities, behaviours and/or characteristics. This test is conducted over the Internet by using available web technologies. An assessment may set out with clear objectives such as: To test the knowledge or learning of a candidate.

How effective is online assessment?

Online assessments offer a chance for students to work around distance, disability, or illnesses more effectively, and options to complete coursework at a time and place most suitable to their needs. However, this benefit can only be reached if the requirements and deadlines are fair and clearly laid out to students.

What do you learn from self assessments?

Through self-assessments students can identify their own skill gaps, where they lack in knowledge, develop realistic goals and focus attention in learning.

Can a homework be a tool for assessing learning?

Homework is seen as a valuable resource for teaching, allowing students to practice, and in doing so, learn the unit material. Homework, ongoing formative assessment, and feedback are all considered to be part of the instruction process.