Is European Heart Journal Open Access?

Is European Heart Journal Open Access?

About. European Heart Journal – Open is a new Open Access journal of the European Society of Cardiology, sharing high quality science in our mission to fight cardiovascular disease.

Is European Heart Journal peer-reviewed?

The European Heart Journal is an international, English language, peer-reviewed journal dealing with cardiovascular medicine.

What is a Heart journal?

Heart is an international peer reviewed journal that keeps cardiologists up to date with important research advances in cardiovascular disease. New scientific developments are highlighted in editorials and put in context with concise review articles.

What is the impact factor of European Heart Journal?

European Heart Journal/Impact Factor

Is the European Heart Journal a medical journal?

The European Heart Journal (EHJ) is the official general cardiology journal of the European Society of Cardiology. It is the leading publication for cardiovascular medicine, covering both clinical and scientific aspects.

How to submit case reports to European Heart Journal?

EHJ – Case Reports accepts high quality, educationally valuable case reports, images, and quality improvement projects in all aspects of cardiology and cardiovascular medicine. Find out more about our submissions process, including Article Processing Charge discounts for members of the European Society of Cardiology.

Which is the Official Journal of the European heart rhythm Association?

The journal offers readers a collection of contemporary, original, peer-reviewed papers, invited papers and editorial comments, together with book reviews and correspondence. Official journal of the European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA), the ESC Working Group on Cardiac Cellular Electrophysiology, and the ESC Working Group on e-Cardiology.

How many references are needed for European Heart Journal?

Innovative game-changing original clinical studies that significantly advance the field in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. (case studies and reports not accepted). Only up to 30 references will be published; if more references are submitted, the reference list will be published online only.