What is another word for Internet banking?

What is another word for Internet banking?

What is another word for Internet banking?

e-banking online banking
Online banking Web banking
cyberbanking ebanking
electronic banking

What are the two types of online banking called?

According to the U.S. Department of the Treasury, there are three types of Internet banking: informational, communicative and transactional.

What is not the other name for e-banking?

synonyms for e-banking Compare Synonyms. Internet banking. Online banking. Web banking. cyberbanking.

What is meant by online banking?

Banking online means accessing your bank account and carrying out financial transactions through the internet on your smartphone, tablet or computer. It’s quick, usually free and allows you to do tasks, such as paying bills and transferring money, without having to visit or call your bank.

Is it safe to logon to BankSA internet banking?

Forgotten? Use this option to save time logging on. Not recommended on public or shared devices. Forgotten? When you logon to BankSA Internet Banking, you agree to our Internet Banking Terms and Conditions. New to Internet and Phone Banking?

What happens if my BankSA account is compromised?

Within the BankSA App we’ve introduced the Security Wellbeing Check – a comprehensive list of features that should be updated to ensure you’re provided with additional protection. If your BankSA account is compromised as a result of internet fraud, we will refund the full amount, provided you comply with our Internet Banking Terms and Conditions.

What are the terms and conditions for internet banking?

Before using Internet and Phone Banking please read the Terms and Conditions for Internet Banking and Phone Banking. Collecting one at any BankSA branch. Requesting one by calling the BankSA Customer Contact Centre on 13 13 76, 24 hours, 7 days. Overseas customers call +61 2 9155 7850.

Can you bank on your phone with BankSA?

With the BankSA app you can securely bank on your phone. Check your balance, pay someone, manage your finances, and much more. Need help? Call us if you are in need of extra assistance.