How do I Register TP Link router?

How do I Register TP Link router?

How to register TP-Link Cloud and Setup TP-Link Cloud Go to and log-in with your username & password that you had set for the router earlier. Go-to Basic – TP-Link Cloud. Click on “Register Now” and follow the instructions provided to register a TP-Link ID of your choice.

Why is my TP Link not working?

Generally, people have a steady version fixed on their router. Unfortunately, TP-Link router not working after firmware update problem is arising because of certain errors such as unresponsive wireless network, hanging issues, and other minor problems.

How do I update my TP Link router?

Enter the login credentials and you will be logged into the TP-Link router setup page. After you see the TP-Link router setup page on your screen, look for the Admin tab and navigate to it. Now you will see TP-Link router firmware update option on the screen. Click it and you will see an update TP-Link firmware window on your screen.

What is TP Link utility?

TP-LINK Wireless Client Utility is a utility that comes via the driver download or on the included CD. The application helps users complete the software installation and wireless network settings, including security configurations and wireless connection.

How do I download a wireless driver?

Method 1: Download the driver from the official ASUS website. You can get the driver for your wireless adapter from the official ASUS website. To do so: 1) Go to the official ASUS website, then search your computer model. 2) Go to the driver download page for your computer, then download the correct and latest driver for your wireless adapter.

What is a TP Link router?

TP-Link is a manufacturer of computer networking products whose products include routers, switch, wireless equipment, ADSL modems, and network adapters for PCs. TP-Link is the largest Small Office and Home Office networking market share holder in China.