How tall is the Tamron 28-200mm zoom lens?

How tall is the Tamron 28-200mm zoom lens?

The Tamron 28-200mm is lightweight at 12.5oz (354g), small for a zoom lens, and is only three inches tall. This makes it a little more discrete than some other lenses for street photography.

How big is the Tamron AF 28mm f / 3.5?

Reach out and grab distant detail, wildlife, and sports action with this amazing 11X extended range wide-to-super tele zoom that covers both full-frame and consumer DSLR (APS-C) formats allowing you to focus down to an incredible 0.49m (19.3″) (1:2.9) for breathtaking close-ups.

What’s the focal length of a Tamron macro lens?

The Tamron AF 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 XR Di II LD Aspherical (IF) Macro is a super-zoom lens for APS-C DSLRs, covering an effective focal length range of approximately 28-300mm. Despite its wide-ranging zoom, this lens is relatively small, measuring only 3.3 inches in length…

What should the f / 3.5 be on a Tamron AF28?

A little heavy, but at the time it was new, probably normal size and weight for the time. A tad slow, would like a F/3.5-4.5, but it will work. I bought the used version that has “IF” but not the “Super” (I guess the Super is the more compact version and of this one.

When did The Tamron F3 200mm lens come out?

Development of this lens began in 1989, nearly three years prior to its release. The assignment given to the development team was to create a lens of a size that made it easily portable. Indeed, all-in-one zoom lenses with almost the same focal length were already on the market, but they were large and heavy and delivered poor picture quality.

Which is the smallest Tamron macro zoom lens?

Jump to review page… Navigate Review Jump to review page… (From Tamron lens literature) The world’s smallest, most lightweight 28-200mm high magnification zoom lens.