Who owns Alpha Bank in Greece?

Who owns Alpha Bank in Greece?

Alpha Bank

Type Anonymi Etairia
Owner Hellenic Financial Stability Fund (9.00%)
Number of employees 11,358(Greece:8,208, Abroad:3,150) (Q3 2018)
Subsidiaries Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd Alpha Bank Romania Alpha Bank Albania Alpha Bank London Alpha Insurance Ltd
Capital ratio 16% (CET1 fully loaded Basel III)

Is Alpha Bank an international bank?

The Alpha Bank Group is active in the domestic and international banking, with a presence in Albania, Cyprus, Romania and Luxembourg.

Is Alphabank safe?

Alpha SecureWeb service protects you from non-authorized transactions by offering an extra level of security for your online purchases. Every time you carry out online transactions, you will have to insert a one time password (OTP), which will be sent to the mobile phone you have registered for the card you use.

What is the swift code for Alpha Bank Greece?

Send Euros to Alpha Bank Greece

Bank name: Alpha Bank
Address: 40, Stadiou Street ATHENS – CITY CENTRE 102 52
Phone number: 210 326 0000
Website: http://www.alpha.gr/page/default.asp?id=4&la=2

Where are the branches of Alpha Bank located?

It has a subsidiary and branch in London, England and subsidiaries in Albania, Cyprus and Romania. Founded in 1879, it has been controlled by the Costopoulos family since its inception.

What is the largest bank in Greece?

Alpha Bank is the largest of the banks in Greece in terms of market capitalization. The bank operates a network of 671 branches, as well as subsidiaries throughout southern Europe, offering financial products and services to individuals and corporations in Greece and other countries.

When did the National Bank of Greece merge with Alpha Bank?

In 1999, ACB acquired 51% of the shares of the Ionian Popular Bank, and absorbed it in 2000. It also changed its name to name to Alpha Bank. An attempted merger between Alpha Bank and the National Bank of Greece fell through in 2002. In 2012, Alpha Bank called off its merger with Eurobank Ergasias, which had been announced the previous year.

When did Alpha Bank sell its Bulgarian branch?

On July 17, 2015, it sold its Bulgarian branches to Postbank (Bulgaria), the subsidiary of fellow Greek bank Eurobank Ergasias . Alpha Bank’s 2015 end year results are: Risk Weighted Assets:€52.6bn.