Who is calling Gator Bowl?

Who is calling Gator Bowl?

Anish Shroff (play-by-play), Tom Luginbill (analyst) and Lericia Harris (sideline) will have the call on ESPN. That’s DirecTV 206, Dish 140, U-Verse 602/1602, FiOs 70/570 and Spectrum Cable 31/506 in Louisville, 28/506 in Lexington.

How did the Gator Bowl get its name?

The first two years of the event did not sell out the small capacity stadium, drawing only 7,362 to the 1946 match when the Wake Forest Demon Deacons defeated the South Carolina Gamecocks, 26–14. The stadium was expanded in 1948 and renamed the Gator Bowl Stadium in honor of the event.

Where is the TaxSlayer Gator Bowl?

TIAA Bank Field2016, 2016, 2006.
Ben Hill Griffin Stadium1994Gator Bowl Stadium1992, 1989, 1989.
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The 2021 TaxSlayer Gator Bowl Game will be played on December 31st at TIAA Bank Field. Purchase your tickets to the game today! You won’t want to miss the activities, celebrations and attractions for fans of all ages during TaxSlayer Gator Bowl Week.

How old is the Gator Bowl?

93c. 1928
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Where was the Gator Bowl Stadium in Florida?

The Gator Bowl was an American football stadium in Jacksonville, Florida.

What was the capacity of the Gator Bowl in 1946?

The 1946 and 1947 games were played in Fairfield Stadium, which had a seating capacity of 7,600. The stadium was expanded to 16,000 seats in 1948, and the structure was renamed the Gator Bowl.

Where was the TaxSlayer Gator Bowl played?

For the December 2018 contest, “Gator” was reinstated in the name for the first time since 2015, with the bowl being called the TaxSlayer Gator Bowl. The 1946 and 1947 games were played in Fairfield Stadium, which had a seating capacity of 7,600.

When did EverBank Field become Gator Bowl Stadium?

The new stadium was renamed Jacksonville Municipal Stadium (known as Alltel Stadium from 1997 through 2006, EverBank Field from August 2010 through June 2018, and TIAA Bank Field since June 2018). Almost none of the original infrastructure remains, except for the west upper deck (which had been added in 1982) and the ramping system.