What is the classification of Cycas?

What is the classification of Cycas?

Cycas/Scientific names

Which kingdom does Cycas belong to?


What are the characteristics of cycads?

Cycads are gymnosperms distinguished by crowns of large pinnately compound leaves and by cones typically borne at the ends of the branches. Some cycads have tall unbranched trunks with an armourlike appearance; others have partially buried stems with swollen (tuberous) trunks.

What type of tree is Cycas?

Cycas revoluta, popularly known as sago palm, is not a real palm but a cycad. It is a slow-growing, evergreen, long-lived, medium-sized palm-like plant. It is the most popular species in the genus Cycas.

Which is the correct name for Cycas rumphii?

Pitogo (Tag.) Uliba (Tag.) Sauang (Ilk.) Some taxonomists consider C. rumphii and C. circinalis as separate species. Some compilations list them as synonyms. Cycas rumphii Miq. is an accepted name. The Plant List Cycas circinalis L. is an accepted name. Cycas rumphii f. undulata is a listed synonym. The Plant List

Which is the most common species of Cycas?

Besides Cycas circinalis, C pectinata, C. rumphii and C. beddomei, which occur in the wild state in India, C. revoluta and C. siamensis are such species which are cultivated commonly in the Indian gardens. Cycas revoluta is the most commonly cultivated species of the Indian gardens.

How big does a Cycas rumphii tree get?

Cycas rumphii is commonly confused with Cycas revoluta, but pitogo is a much larger plant, with larger leaves and smooth and glabrous ovules. Trunk is stout and woody, growing to a height of 12 meters, 20 to 50 centimeters in diameter, with a round and symmetrical crown of large, hard, stiff, evergreen leaves.

Which is the only genus in the cycad family?

Cycas is the only genus in the family and contains 99 species, the most of any cycad genus. Molecular data have recently shown Cycas species in Australasia and the east coast of Africa are recent arrivals, suggesting adaptive radiation may have occurred.