What is a single fold towel?

What is a single fold towel?

Janitorial Supplies Blog Single fold towels are paper towels that are folded in half, in one single fold. This single folded towel is excellent for use in areas that require an economy line of washroom products due to high traffic and/or excessive towel use. Single-fold towels are strong, thick, and absorbent.

What are C-fold towels?

A C-Fold paper towel is a towel that has tabs that are folded in on each other, with the middle of the paper towel facing down. These are a popular choice because they come out of the dispenser one towel at a time, making them a cost-effective option.

Why are they called c-fold paper towels?

In the world of paper hand towels, fold refers to the way a towel is folded up in the packs. This impacts the way a towel comes out of the dispensers. C-fold towels have tabs that are folded in on each other to form a “C” shape.

Are folded paper towels cheaper than rolls?

Generally speaking, folded towels are going to be cheaper at face value, but your cost per use is going to be lower with roll towels. In fact, rolled towel systems can reduce your paper usage anywhere from 25 to 30 percent.

What’s the difference between multi fold and single fold paper towels?

Mult-Fold Paper Towels. Multifold towels are paper hand towels that are different in shape than single-fold paper hand towels because they are folded in 3 layers, in the shape of an accordion. These 1-ply towels are about 9.2 inches x 9.4 inches in sheet size prior to being folded.

Which is the best paper towel to use?

The towels provide softness, strength, and absorption. The best paper towels to use around the house come with 16 packs and are ideal to use in office buildings, healthcare, and other b…

How big is a 1 ply paper towel sheet?

These 1-ply towels are about 9.2 inches x 9.4 inches in sheet size prior to being folded. Since these larger towels are more absorbent due to their larger size, you actually use less.

Why do you need a roll of paper towels?

With a roll of paper towels at hand, you can attack the problem before it causes any further issues, like leaving a stain or an unpleasant smell. The possibilities really are endless with paper towels, and you never consider their importance until you find yourself without the… .