What does the 8 point cover mean?

What does the 8 point cover mean?

The utility cover, also known as the utility cap and eight-pointed cover, is the United States Marine Corps cap, worn with their combat utility uniform. It is an eight-pointed hat, with a visor similar to a baseball cap. It is worn “blocked”, that is, creased and peaked, for a sharper appearance.

Can a civilian wear a Marine hat?

ARLINGTON, Va. — Civilians who deploy to the U.S. Central Command theater of operations with Marines are no longer allowed to wear the Marine Corps’ camouflage combat uniform, a recent message from the commandant said.

Why does the military call Hats covers?

A military hat is called a cover because it literally covers and protects your head. It’s simply just a more formal term for a hat. Answer: Because the soldier in the first picture looks less intimidating.

What makes a military cap 8 point cover?

DESIGN TO CONFORM- Designed to CONFORM Navy and Marine military style 8 point covers to the shapeof the insert. The patrol caps 8 point crown shape *avoid deterioration on the inner caps 8 point crown and prolong the life of your patrol caps *It extends the life of your 8 point military style cover crown and more.

What kind of hats do the Marine Corps wear?

Show your Marine Corps pride with one our high quality hats. Browse our extensive selection and select a cap that represents your style and personality. A new USMC hat is a great way to spread patriotic pride and start talking points with friends, family, and neighbors.

When was the 8 point cap first used?

This style of cap was first put into service in WWII. Army Surplus World offers 8 point covers in a variety of colors and patterns that are Made in the USA. They are available as a plain front or with the EGA. We also carry the cover block, the round shaper and the octagon shaper you need to keep your cover inspection ready.

What is the emblem of the US Marine Corps?

The globe and anchor is the official emblem of the United States Marine Corps. 8 point caps are great for general wear, military wear, USMC wear, and much more. The utility cover was first issued in World War II, with the herringbone twill utility uniform issued in 1943.