What are the upgrades for a 2012 Camaro?

What are the upgrades for a 2012 Camaro?

2012+ Camaro ZL1 LSA Supercharged Engine Upgrade Parts & Accessories – increase your Boost levels with Supercharger and Crank Pulleys, as well as engine parts and accessories for ZL1 Camaros! V6 Camaro specific Performance Parts and Upgrades like Cold Air Intakes, Exhausts, V6 Camaro Engine Tuning, and much more from The Camaro Experts at Phastek!

What kind of parts are in a Camaro?

We also carry differential assemblies, covers, gaskets, vent tubes and axle assemblies. Cooling System – The cooling system works to keep your Camaro engine running smoothly. That is why you should always check your belts and pulleys to ensure that they are in good shape. We also carry radiators, water pumps, cooling fans, hoses and clamps.

What kind of suspension does a Camaro ZL1 use?

It also includes faster reacting rear monotube shocks to replace the V-6 and SS twin-tube design and combines them with a stiffer rear upper shock mount to increase vehicle agility, both are shared with the ZL1.

Where can I find suspension parts for my Camaro?

Suspension – Because it is a performance car, you need to pay attention to the suspension parts on both the front and rear of your car. Whether you need springs, wheels, struts or axles, you will find them here.

What are the performance parts for a Camaro?

Aftermarket Camaro Performance Parts for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Camaro V6 3.6L LS & LT – Cold Air Intakes, Headers & Cat Pipes, Exhausts & Mufflers, Engine & Transmission Tuning, Turbos, Shifters, and more. You save $40.00! You save $185.00!

Where is the owner manual for a Chevy Camaro?

Chevrolet Camaro Owner Manual – 2011 Black plate (4,1) iv Introduction Using this Manual To quickly locate information about the vehicle, use the Index in the back of the manual. It is an alphabetical list of what is in the manual and the page number where it can be found. Danger, Warnings, and Cautions

What kind of mounting brackets do I need for Camaro Z28?

Manufactured in fiberglass, this reproduction features correct mounting points and is ideal to replace missing or damaged rocker extensions or for use to convert a standard Camaro into a Z28 with some minor mounting modifications. To be mounted using original or OE style reproduction brackets. For reproduction mounting brackets use SPO-561.