What are the top 10 male names in America?

What are the top 10 male names in America?

25 Most Popular American Male Names

  1. James.
  2. John.
  3. Robert.
  4. Michael.
  5. William.
  6. David.
  7. Richard.
  8. Charles.

What is the most popular boy name in 2021?

Meanwhile, Liam held its spot as the most popular boy name for the third year in a row. The 2021 rankings come from “hundreds of thousands of parents” who share their babies’ names with BabyCenter in real time, “making them a more up-to-the-minute look at what’s trending,” the website says.

What is the most popular boy names in 2020?

The top 10 most popular boy names in 2020:

  • Liam.
  • Noah.
  • Oliver.
  • Elijah.
  • William.
  • James.
  • Benjamin.
  • Lucas.

What is a typical American name?

300 Most Common Male Names in the U.S.

Name % Frequency Approximate Number
ARTHUR 0.335 488,752
RYAN 0.328 478,539
ROGER 0.322 469,786
JOE 0.321 468,327

What is the most unpopular boy name?

The most unpopular boys’ names according to Bounty

  • Leroy.
  • Guy.
  • Fabio.
  • Soren.
  • Arnold.
  • Carl.
  • Ivor.
  • Marcos.

What is the most uncommon boy name?

Unusual baby boy names

  • Abel – Hebrew, meaning ‘breath’ or ‘breathing spirit’.
  • Anders – Scandinavian, meaning ‘lion man’.
  • Asher – Hebrew, meaning ‘fortunate’ or ‘lucky’.
  • Axel – German and Scandinavian, a Germanised form of the Hebrew Absalom, meaning ‘father is peace’.
  • Bryce/Bryson – Welsh, meaning ‘descendant of Brice’.

What are the most popular American boy names?

According to the Social Security Administration, these are the current most popular names given to baby boys: Liam. Noah. William. James. Oliver. Benjamin.

What are the top 100 boys names?

The top 10 boys’ names are: Oliver, Harry, George, Noah, Jack, Jacob, Leo, Oscar, Charlie and Muhammad, with Leo entering the top 10 for the first time. The top 10 girls’ names are: Olivia, Amelia, Isla, Ava, Emily, Isabella, Mia, Poppy, Ella and Lily. Top 100 names for baby girls:

What are the most rare boy names?

Ahmet It is a combination of two names, Ahmad and Muhammad. It is a rare name for boys that has not been used a lot of late. The name is known beyond its native land, credit to the Atlantic Records Founder, Ahmet Ertegun. One of Frank Zappa ’s sons was named Ahmet. Zane This rare name is…

What are some unique names for boys?

Here are some more unique baby boy names to inspire you. Adryan. Brennon. Cree. Dewei. Keanu. Kalen. Kapono. Rehan. Rush. Wren.