How to contact the Kaltura video Cloud Platform?

How to contact the Kaltura video Cloud Platform?

Contact Us Call us:+1 800 8715224. Kaltura’s mission is to power any video experience. Our wide array of video solutions are deployed globally across thousands of enterprises, media companies, service providers, and educational institutions, leveraging video to teach, learn, communicate, collaborate, and entertain.

What kind of regulations does Kaltura comply with?

Compliance with industry regulations and standards such as ISO certifications, Privacy Shield Framework, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Data Processing Agreement Standards, Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) and more. Framework, GDPR, Data Processing Agreement Standards and more.

When does the next version of Kaltura come out?

All other content will be transcoded based on the current transcoding setting. These release notes pertain to Kaltura Capture, released Oct 25, 2020. The issues causing out of sync recording between the screen capture and webcam capture and audio sync issues have been resolved.

How much does a Kaltura credit package cost?

Customized $ Credit Package Credit package for AI and media enrichment services, including human captioning, translations, audio-description, and more. Compliance with Industry Regulations and Standards, Including Privacy, Security, Accessibility and Reliability Standards.

What makes Kaltura personal so easy to use?

Make it easy to create videos and other rich media, without specialized equipment. Kaltura Personal Making the Best of It: A Roadmap for Making Higher… Your school has committed to a strategy for this semester, but planning and executing are two differ…

When does the Kaltura capture desktop recorder end?

NOTE: Support for CaptureSpace ended on June 1, 2019. The Kaltura Capture desktop recorder enables easy video creation anywhere by anyone. Kaltura Capture has a simple user interface, requiring only one click to record, without a complex setup or a lengthy learning curve.

How big of a file can I upload to Kaltura?

Kaltura and Blackboard do not impose a limit on the upload size; however, the maximum file size that your browser will allow you to upload is 2 Gigabytes.