How many watts should a grow light be?

How many watts should a grow light be?

Once you’ve decided which kind of plant grow light you want, it’s time to decide how big a bulb you need for the space you have. First, determine how much space you need to illuminate. As a rule, you want 20 to 40 watts per square foot.

How many watts do you need per plant when growing with LED?

However, the LED grow light might only draw 500 watts at the wall….Recommended wattage assuming 2.0 sq ft/plant.

# of Plants Square Feet Wattage from Wall
1 2 60 to 80 watts
2 4 120 to 140 watts
4 8 240 to 300 watts
6 12 360 to 400 watts

Is 5W brighter than 3W?

Because LED technology is so new, it is often hard to understand the difference between the multitude of lights available. This is true in the sense that a 1W LED is more efficient than a 3W LED at producing light, and a 3W LED is more efficient than a 5W LED, in terms of photons produced per watt of power used.

How big is a 45 watt grow light?

Grow Light Strip Kit 45W, 4 pcs 16 Inches LED Grow Light Strips with Extension Cables, Mounting Accessories for Greenhouse,Grow Shelf. Perfect for Indoor Growing- (4-Strip-Kit)

How much does a LED grow light cost?

These tend to have low wattage, usually under 50 watts, and may not provide full spectrum light. Mid-range LED grow lights cost roughly $50 to $75. You can find plenty of higher wattage models in this price range (up to 300 watts) with full spectrum light.

Which is the best LED light for growing plants?

Consider the PAR efficiency of your LED grow lights. Anything over 1.5 umol/j is reasonably efficient (thus saving you money and providing your plants with more light). Anything over 2.0 umol/j is very efficient. Think about the types of plant you’ll grow, and their light requirements.

Which is the best T5 LED grow light?

AgroMax Pure UV – The most powerful horticultural T5 UV bulbs available for consumer use. Provides 75% UVB and 25% UVA output to enhance essential oil production. AgroMax Pure UV lamps should be operated independently of other grow lights. Color Temp. (Kelvin)