How fast does oak Leaf holly grow?

How fast does oak Leaf holly grow?

about one foot per year
The ‘Oakleaf’ cultivar is one of five different hollies introduced as the “red hollies” in the mid-1990s. Grow in full sun or in very light shade. This holly cultivar has a pyramidal form and will reach a height of 14 feet, with some reports up to 20 feet, at a moderate rate of growth of about one foot per year.

How tall does an oak Leaf holly get?

20 feet
Oak Leaf holly is an upright grower capable of reaching 20 feet in height with a spread of at least eight feet. It has a columnar form approaching a pyramidal shape but doesn’t quite achieve it.

How far apart do you plant oak Leaf holly?

Oak Leaf holly plants can spread seven to nine feet wide, so make sure you give each shrub enough space to grow and thrive. Or if you want to grow a dense hedge, position each plant five to six feet apart.

How do you care for oak Leaf holly?

Oak Leaf holly needs full to partial sun in rich, well-draining soil that is slightly acidic. The holly tolerates almost any soil type as well as periods of drought. Keep the soil moist but not boggy. Infrequent, deep watering promotes a healthy root system.

What kind of tree is oak leaf holly?

The Oak Leaf Holly is a superb evergreen shrub that rapidly grows into a pyramidal form, covered with bright red berries for much of the winter. This unique holly produces abundant fruit on just one bush – most hollies need a separate male tree.

What to do with oak leaf red Holly?

A hybrid holly with a tall, elegant, pyramidal form and charming oak leaf-like foliage that emerges bronze to burgundy in spring and matures to emerald green. Sets small orange-red ornamental berries without needing a male pollenizer. Use to create a stunning, cold-hardy, tall hedge or as a landscape specimen. Evergreen. USDA Zone ?

How big does an Oakland holly hedge need to be?

The Oakland Holly makes a truly outstanding privacy hedge. Plant about 7-8 feet apart for a tight, dense hedge. If you are a fan of Hollies, also consider the Sky Pencil Holly , Steeds Holly and Nellie Stevens Holly. For additional options, be sure to browse our Dwarf Tree and Privacy Tree collection.

What to do with an Oakland holly tree?

The Oakland Holly is perfect for framing your front door or the entrance of your driveway. This holly is a solid anchor for the corners of your home. With its unique foliage, the Oak Leaf Holly makes a lovely specimen or focal evergreen for just about anywhere. Try a group of 3 at the corner of your yard for a high-end look.