How do I factory reset my MC55?

How do I factory reset my MC55?

Hard Reset MOTOROLA MC55

  1. Press Power button to switch on handset. {{image1}
  2. Hold and press Power Button + W and C keys.
  3. Phone must restart to finish operation, it may take around 30 seconds.
  4. Success! device is ready now.

How do I reset my MC9200 to factory settings?

To reset a Zebra, Symbol or Motorola MC9200 to factory default, you need to perform a warm boot and/or a cold boot function. Here’s how. A warm boot restarts the Motorola MC92N0 by closing all running programs. You can warm boot the mobile computer by holding down the power button for five seconds.

How do I factory reset my MC9090?

The MC9090 doesn’t have a “Factory Reset” built in. If they are Windows Mobile, you need to use Clean Boot and Blank, if they are Windows CE you have to reload the OS.

What kind of computer is the Motorola mc55?

Motorola MC55 is a ruggedized Windows Mobile Pocket PC from Motorola-Symbol company (now Google-owned). Typically these devices are used in enterprise applications and so is expensive.

Is the Motorola mc55 barcode scanner compatible with Windows Mobile?

The MC55 series supports cell phone, bar code scanner, camera, walkie talkie and mobile computer with Windows Mobile 6.1 or Windows Mobile 6.5 into a rugged and compact data collection handheld PC. The MC55, MC5590, and MC5574 can receive service, repairs, and maintenance for years, making sure your investment lasts.

Is the zebra mc55a0-hc mobile computer discontinued?

This Mobile Computer is discontinued. We may offer drivers, firmware, and manuals below for your convenience, as well as online tech support. If you require additional support, please contact a Zebra Authorized Service Provider. Tool to clear Internet Explorer History for all Windows Mobile 6.5. CE 6.0 and CE7 devices MN000206A04DE Rev. A

How to do a warm reset on a Motorola mc55?

How to do a warm reset to your MC55. Doing a warm reset is easy. Just press and hold down the power button (red button) for at least 5 seconds and release it once MC55 reboots. Perform a cold reset in you MC55. The steps in doing a cold boot for MC55 depends on the model.