Does arXiv have a template?

Does arXiv have a template?

Gallery — arXiv Template for writing scientific manuscripts. Features several examples of how to embed figures directly into the text. Use it to create compiled PDFs – e.g. for pre-peer review publication on the arXiv, bioRxiv, or to a repository such as figshare.

How do I transfer from overleaf to arXiv?


  1. Download source files and unzip them. Menu.
  2. Download the bbl file and rename it to ms. bbl :
  3. In the main file ( ms. tex ), below the documentclass declaration line add \pdfoutput=1 .
  4. Remove \documentclass[ms.
  5. Compress (zip) all files, but not their parent folder, and upload the zip to arXiv.

Does arXiv use PDFLaTeX?

arXiv fully supports and automatically recognizes PDFLaTeX. You can ensure pdflatex processing by setting the flag \pdfoutput=1 within the first 5 lines of the preamble of the main .

How do I download Tex files from arXiv?

You have to go to the page where the abstract is shown, click on Download -> Other Formats -> Source -> Download source.

Can a LaTeX project be submitted to arXiv?

Currently arXiv compiles LaTeX projects using a modified version of TeX Live 2020. For projects that use a different version of TeX Live, this can result in incompatibilities when submitting to arXiv.

Which is the best submission format for arXiv?

Accepted submission formats (in order of preference): Our goal is to store articles in formats that are highly portable and stable over time. Currently, the best choice is TeX/LaTeX. We do not accept dvi, PS, or PDF created from TeX/LaTeX source, and we do not accept scanned documents, regardless of format. Accepted figure formats:

Which is graphics formats can be converted to latex?

For actually converting between formats, there are of course many ways to do that. TeXLive comes with a program epstopdf which converts an .eps file to a .pdf and there is even a LaTeX package epstopdf which will attempt to do the conversion for you (assuming that PDFTeX is allowed to do shell escapes) if it detects an .eps image!

Can a PDF file be generated by latex?

arXiv is smart enough to detect whether your PDF is generated by LaTeX. If it is, arXiv asks for the sources of the PDF instead of the PDF file itself. This is really annoying and inconvenient. I ask a way to fool the arXiv and avoid PDFs being detected as generated by LaTeX (even if they were indeed).