When does Santana go on tour in 2020?

When does Santana go on tour in 2020?

A continuation of 2019’s Supernatural Now tour for Santana, the Miraculous Supernatural 2020 Tour marks the first time these two powerhouses share the stage in the U.S. The Live Nation-produced outing kicks off June 19th in San Diego and makes stops in Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Chicago, Toronto, and more before wrapping August 29th in Tampa.

When does Santana Earth Wind and Fire Tour start?

The Santana and Earth, Wind & Fire “Miraculous Supernatural Tour” will now start in June of 2022. Your tickets will be honored for the rescheduled shows. Refunds are available at the original point of purchase for 30 days. We truly can’t wait …

Is the sound quality at Santana concerts bad?

Santana is a living legend. Santana is a living guitar god. With hit after hit. The sound quality was bad. When the performers spoke it was almost impossible to figure out what they were saying. The music was also TOO LOUD!!! It is not enjoyable when the sound is deafening. If you have a good sound system,…

Where can I get tickets for Carlos Santana?

Get Ticket Alerts for this artist. Saw Carlos Santana many times in the day…at a variety of venues, my favorite venue was more recently 3 yrs in a row in Las Vegas, spectacular venue, show was great…Carlos knows how to heal us…his music and charisma are wonderful !

What kind of music does Santana play now?

Among his recent musical endeavors has been Santana IV, a thrilling album that saw him reunite with musicians from his band’s early-‘70s lineup; and Power of Peace, a deeply soulful collaboration with The Isley Brothers. Santana returned with more new music in 2019.

When is 20th anniversary of Santana album Supernatural?

In 2019, Santana celebrated the 20th anniversary of his revolutionary, multiple Grammy Award-wining album Supernatural, along with the 50th anniversary of his Woodstock performance.

What was the problem with the Santana tickets?

For full price, we purchased tickets that enabled us to hear just fine, but with no pre-communication at sale time, were seats with obstructed view that only allowed us to catch small glimpses of Santana. To make matters so much worse, Santana stayed in one corner, on one side, of stage almost the entire time.