What kind of shielding alloy is mu metal?

What kind of shielding alloy is mu metal?

Mu-Metal is a unoriented nickel-iron soft ferromagnetic alloy with very high permeability suitable for sensitive electronic equipment shielding. It is used primarily in low intensity magnetizing fields (DC-100kHz) where high attenuation is desired (high permeability & high shielding efficiency).

What kind of metal is Muntz brass made of?

Muntz metal isn’t actually a unique type of metal per se. It is actually a type of brass alloy. If the typical brass you are familiar with is comprised of 67% copper and 33% zinc, Muntz metal is an alloy comprised of 60% copper, 40% zinc, and trace amounts of iron.

How does the effectiveness of Mu metal decrease?

The effectiveness of mu-metal shielding decreases with the alloy’s permeability, which drops off at both low field strengths and, due to saturation, at high field strengths. Thus, mu-metal shields are often made of several enclosures one inside the other, each of which successively reduces the field inside it.

Where is Muntz metal used in the modern world?

Muntz metal is also sometimes used for residential pipes and plumbing since the chemical Muntz metal exudes when exposed to water has also been proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Many of the bolts used in modern machinery are made of Muntz metal.

What kind of metal is a MuMETAL sheet made of?

Our cold rolled, stress annealed, Mu Metal sheet (Grade ASTM A753 Alloy 4) is available in a broad range of standard gauges from 5mm to 0.35mm.

Where are the Mumetal magnetic shielding components made?

For over 60 years, the MuShield Company of Londonderry, New Hampshire has been designing and producing mumetal magnetic shielding components for multiple industries worldwide. Such industries include: Aerospace. High tech / Electronic. Defense. Medical / Healthcare. Industrial / Manufacturing. Education.

Is the mumetal magnetic shield a registered trademark?

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