What is q matic system?

What is q matic system?

Qmatic is all about valuing time and making waiting worthwhile. Qmatic is the inventor of customer flow management (CFM) and is also the world’s largest queue management company. Qmatic is the inventor of customer flow management (CFM) and is also the world’s largest queue management company.

How does qmatic work?

Qmatic patient experience management solutions seamlessly link your patient-facing service points together by queuing patients and gathering data at each step. This virtual queuing process takes the patient out of a physical line and allows them to relax while they wait their turn.

How does a queue management system work?

The basic principle behind queue management systems is to quantify queue demand at any given time and inform your staff in real-time. People counting sensors placed above each checkout count the number of customers being served, the number of customers waiting to be served and measure how long they have been waiting.

What is qmatic orchestra?

Qmatic Orchestra is a mobile and desktop Customer Flow Management (CFM) software solution. This technology provides accessible customer and patient tracking and customized queuing solutions for enterprise-wide management and configuration, with a focus on organizations spanning many branch office locations.

Which is queue management system does qmatic use?

A Queue Management system from Qmatic helps you organize your queues by providing visitors with virtual and linear queuing solutions, booked appointments or more sophisticated methods like mobile apps and SMS messages.

How does qmatic help in the customer journey?

Enables you to put the data you are collecting to good use, so you can streamline your processes and refine the customer journey, using simplified advanced analytics and business intelligence. . Design customer journeys in our cloud solution. Bridge the gap between the online and physical world and deliver personal and friction-free experiences.

Who are the qmatic partners in the Gulf?

Qmatic Partner CFM Gulf Computers provides safer customer journeys for shoppers at local supermarket in Kuwait. Qmatic Premier Solution Partner, Flora Technology, deploys Qmatic Queue Management Solution at Hamad International Airport’s Emergency Center for COVID-19 testing in Doha, Qatar.

What are the features of qmatic cloud appointments?

Designed with customer centricity as the guiding principle, Qmatic Cloud Appointments brings a wide array of new powerful scheduling features combined with an elegant intuitive user interface that makes it easier than ever for customers to book an appointment online and for staff to schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments.