What is a chevron packing?

What is a chevron packing?

Garlock CHEVRON® packing is the original automatic hydraulic and pneumatic design for sealing rods, pistons, and plungers. Each individual lip of a CHEVRON® packing set independently reacts to pressure, and automatically effects a seal.

What are Chevron seals used for?

Chevron Seals, also known as chevron packing seals or V packing seals are highly adaptive sealing products that are used in telescoping truck hoists, pumps and valves. Chevron packing seals comprises of a set of “V” shaped components which when brought together form a complete packing assembly.

What is V ring packing?

VEE Packing / CHEVRON packing is design for sealing rods, pistons and plungers in hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic presses. The center ring is the main seal being flexible enough to retain high & low pressure, whereas the base seal support the center ring from getting extruded against high pressures. …

What is packing seal?

Packing seals have been the most widely used sealing solution for many years. Packing seals use rope-like materials that wrap around the shaft of a pump, filling in dead space and minimizing fluid loss. Fluid leakage is stopped by either a wedge, V-ring or O-ring as the lapped faces collapse.

What’s the difference between Vee and Chevron packing?

Rocket Seals supplies Vee Packing, or chevron rings, for all industrial applications. They combine to form a cylindrical seal of whatever height you need. The male (bottom) and female (top) parts are made of nylon, while the vee (chevron) is duck and rubber, hytrel, leather or PTFE.

What kind of seal does a chevron seal use?

Made of PTFE, these V-ring packing seals have excellent chemical resistance and withstand a wide temperature range of -110° F to 500° F. Stack as many V-rings as you need to fill grooves in valves, pumps, and cylinders. Begin with a male and female adapter, then add V-rings between them to fill the space.

What kind of seal is a vee packing?

Vee Packings American Seal & Packing Vee Packings (or V-Packings) are multiple-lip (chevron) seals comprised of a group of endless rings and are popular for sealing rods and pistons. They can be used for low or high pressure applications and with single or double acting cylinders.

How does a Garlock Chevron packing set work?

Each individual lip of a CHEVRON ® packing set independently reacts to pressure, and automatically effects a seal. The multiple lip configuration automatically distributes pressure and an effective seal along the shaft. The proprietary design of Garlock CHEVRON ® packing also permits an automatic reaction to pressure shock and overloads.