What are the movements of the shoulder girdle?

What are the movements of the shoulder girdle?

Movements of the shoulder girdle Movements of the humerus at the glenohumeral joint include: flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, lateral rotation, and medial rotation.

What are the three joints of the shoulder girdle?

The shoulder girdle consists of three bones (clavicle, scapula, and humerus) and three joints (sternoclavicular, acromioclavicular, and glenohumeral) as shown in Fig.

What are the 5 joints that are in the shoulder girdle?

Pectoral girdle joints

  • Sternoclavicular joint. This joint is the point where your clavicle meets your sternum.
  • Scapulothoracic joint. Also known as the scapulocostal joint, this is where the scapula bone meets the ribs in the back of your chest.
  • Acromioclavicular joint.
  • Glenohumeral joint.

What type of joints are found in shoulder girdle and arm?

It is a ball and socket type of synovial joint with three rotatory and three translatory degree of freedom. The glenohumeral joint allows for adduction, abduction, medial and lateral rotation, flexion and extension of the arm.

What are actions of the shoulder girdle?

The muscles of the shoulder girdle are serratus anterior, pectoralis minor, levator scapulae, rhomboids, and trapezius. The movements (actions) of the shoulder girdle consist of: Elevation – moving upwards or shrugging your shoulders. Depression – moving shoulders downwards. Protraction – pushing shoulders forwards, rounding or ‘hunched’ shoulders.

What movements does the shoulder do?

The muscles and joints of the shoulder allow it to move through a remarkable range of motion, making it one of the most mobile joints in the human body. The shoulder can abduct, adduct, rotate, be raised in front of and behind the torso and move through a full 360° in the sagittal plane.

What is the function of the shoulder girdle?

The shoulder is not a single joint, but a complex arrangement of bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons that is better called the shoulder girdle. The primary function of the shoulder girdle is to give strength and range of motion to the arm. The shoulder girdle includes three bones—the scapula , clavicle and humerus.

What muscles are involved in shoulder joint extension?

For a shoulder extension, your body uses the latissimus dorsi, teres major and minor and posterior deltoid muscles. These muscles are important for lifting yourself up and having a good range of motion in your shoulders to improve mobility.