How much does a relocatable home cost?

How much does a relocatable home cost?

The average price of a transportable home can range between $13,500 if you just want a studio room all the way up to $59,000 if you’re after a two bedroom home with a kitchen and shower. But when you’re looking at almost $60,000 for a home you might need a bit of financial support to achieve that amount.

How long do transportable homes last?

A transportable home is built to last and built to move without falling apart. The optimum strength of these features means you won’t have to replace fixings every two years or reattach a pipe every few months. A transportable home is built to last and built to move without falling apart.

Are transportable homes cheaper?

It is often thought that transportable homes are far cheaper than site-built, or brick and tile homes. When making such a huge investment, price is often one of the biggest factors that come into play. Transportable homes are built faster, allowing you to move out of your rental home sooner.

How do transportable homes work?

Typically a transportable home is a house that is built off-site in a factory and, once constructed, is then transported to a separate location using a truck. In short, a transportable home is a house of any size that is moved from one location to another. This may be once or maybe many times.

Who are Lloyds transportable homes and what do they do?

Lloyds Transportable Homes is a leading provider of quality transportable homes servicing regional Victoria and NSW, proudly locally owned and operated in Wagga Wagga since 1967.

Who is the foreman for Lloyds transportable homes Wagga?

Construction is completed here in Wagga Wagga by our skilled tradesmen and overseen by our experienced site foreman to ensure your home is built with meticulous attention to detail.

Can a transportable home be built onsite?

With our large range of innovative transportable home designs now available as built onsite options, our expert design team are bringing beautiful homes to all of our customers, no matter your location. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.