How many episodes are there in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien?

How many episodes are there in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien?

The following is a list of episodes for Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.There are a total of 52 episodes and 1 crossover special. Seasons 1 and 2 were combined to form Season 1 when aired, while Season 3 was split into Seasons 2 and 3.

Who are the aliens in Ben 10 Alien Force?

Aliens introduced in Ben 10: Alien Force 1 Swampfire. Swampfire is a Methanosian from the planet Methanos (referring to methane ). 2 Echo Echo. Echo Echo is a Sonorosian (a play on sonic and sonar) from the planet Sonorosia (from the word sonoros in Galician, meaning sound). 3 Humungousaur. 4 Chromastone.

What happens at the end of Ben 10?

Ben’s childhood hero makes a comeback while he’s on a date with a beautiful, young movie actress . Aggregor, having recaptured the five aliens, puts his ultimate plan into action. Ben must stop the newly transformed and extremely dangerous Aggregor from attaining the first piece of the Map of Infinity.

Who are the voice actors for Ben 10?

Voiced by: 1 Richard McGonagle – Ben 10 and Ben 10: Galactic Racing 2 Michael Reisz – Ben 10 (As Kevin in “Kevin 11”) 3 Charlie Schlatter – Ben 10 (As Kevin in “Framed”) 4 Vanessa Marshall – Ben 10 (As Gwen in “Gwen 10”) 5 Steven Blum – Ben 10 (As Baby Ben in “Don’t Drink the Water”) 6 Dee Bradley Baker – Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Where does Ben go in Ultimate Alien X?

With Ultimate Aggregor having all four pieces of the Map of Infinity, he’ll be on his way to the Forge of Creation (Alien X’s home planet). Professor Paradox helps Ben, Gwen and Kevin get to they need to go, but after Paradox left, Ben and the others ran into Ben’s younger self.

Who are Ben’s enemies in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien?

Ben tries to use the Ultimatrix to handle all his obligations. Error: please try again. With Ben’s identity known, some of his enemies (such as Zombozo, Rojo, Charmcaster, Vulkanus, and SevenSeven) team up to try to attack his family.

Who is Eunice in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien?

The gang meet a new girl called Eunice and everything is going well… until Sunder shows up for her. When Baz-El gets captured, it’s up to Ben and the others to rescue him. The team are called in to investigate a dispute in the small country of Zarkovia. Once there, they discover an old enemy is about to be unleashed.