How do you use unalterable in a sentence?

How do you use unalterable in a sentence?

Unalterable in a Sentence ?

  1. Because of the handmade lace on the side, the dress is unalterable.
  2. I feel that the old wallpaper is unalterable, but my mother thinks she can take it down with no problem.
  3. The monuments were supposed to be permanent and unalterable, several changes are now being suggested.

What does a unalterable mean?

: not capable of being altered or changed an unalterable resolve unalterable hatred.

Is it inalterable or unalterable?

As adjectives the difference between inalterable and unalterable. is that inalterable is that cannot be altered while unalterable is incapable of changing or being altered.

What’s the definition of the word’unalterable’?

‘Rather, its power stems from the unalterable truth that to the victor goes a disproportionate amount of media attention.’ ‘However, an unalterable truth is that under a regime such as that in Iraq, the York Against War campaign would not be allowed its say.’

Which is an example of an inalterable sentence?

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Which is an example of an unalterable fact?

Recent Examples on the Web Even without a pandemic, a 50-50 Senate is inherently subject to the unalterable realities of human mortality. — Walter Shapiro, The New Republic, 6 Jan. 2021 The x-axis is still just the unalterable fact of time.

Which is an example of an inalterable decision?

Recent Examples on the Web And a distraction when warring combatants are leaving too much blood on our streets, when our energies should be aligned against the common foes of violence and its determinants, of deadly decisions and their inalterable consequences.