Why material balance is important?

Why material balance is important?

Material balances are important first step when designing a new process or analyzing an existing one. Thus, material balances are often compared to the balancing of current accounts. They are used in industry to calculate mass flow rates of different streams entering or leaving chemical or physical processes.

Why evaluation of energy and mass balance is important?

Material and Energy balances are important, since they make it possible to identify and quantify previously unknown losses and emissions. These balances are also useful for monitoring the improvements made in an ongoing project, while evaluating cost benefits.

Why energy balance is important in industry?

Material and energy balances are very important in an industrial process. If there is any change in the process, the material balances need to be determined again. The increasing cost of energy has caused the industries to examine means of reducing energy consumption in processing.

What is the use of heat and material balance?

Material balances are typically used to describe how much material is available for each species, using variables such as the numbers of moles or the concentrations, while a heat balance is used to describe how much thermal energy is available, using variables such as the heat or the temperature.

How is energy balance related to material balance?

Essay # 1. Introduction to Material Balance and Energy Balance: In a process operation; material quantities as they pass through processing operations can be described by material balances. Such balances are statements on the conservation of mass.

How does the material balance model help the environment?

This holds good for each sector of the economic system separately and also for the economic system as a whole. Thus, in the absence of inventory accumulations, the flow of consumer goods from the production sector to the household sector must be equal to the mass flow back to the environment.

Why are energy balances important in an industry?

Energy balances are often complicated because forms of energy can be inter converted, for example mechanical energy to heat energy, but overall the quantities must balance. Material and energy balances are very important in an industry.

Which is the best way to learn material balances?

The key concepts are best learned by problem solving. Material balances: material balances express the constraint of conservation of mass, as applied to a process. Batch process: In a batch process, raw materials are fed into the process at the outset.