Where did they film Pitch Perfect?

Where did they film Pitch Perfect?

Louisiana State University
The film was shot throughout campus and inside buildings at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Elizabeth Banks is a co-producer and a co-star in the film.

Is pitch perfect 4 coming out?

Pitch Perfect 4 has yet to be confirmed despite the cast’s constant teases for a fourth outing of the Barden Bellas. But if anybody can make the fourth movie happen, it’s the cast and it’s a possibility until Universal says otherwise, so here’s everything you need to know about a potential Pitch Perfect 4.

Can Anna Kendrick really sing?

It’s likely that those curious about Anna Kendrick’s singing in “Pitch Perfect” have probably never seen or heard her performances in other movie musicals, like “Into the Woods” or “Trolls.” Kendrick sang alongside some noteworthy musical performers in those films, including Justin Timberlake and James Corden, all of …

Can Hana Mae Lee really beatbox?

Hana Mae Lee: Yes. Yeah. I really wanted to do my own beatboxing, cause with the first movie half of it was not me, and then half of it was. Then with the second movie I did about half of it as well, but since this movie was the last one I wanted to do everything.

Who is singing live on set of Pitch Perfect?

But actress Anna Kendrick reportedly refused to pre-record her vocals, telling Collider, “One of the things I was really insistent on was that whenever I’m singing alone in the movie, I’m singing live on set.” Whether in a studio or on set, we’re shocked by all the actors’ impressive musical talents.

Who is the voice of CheeChee in Pitch Perfect?

Chrissie Fit Chrissie Fit is best known for her role as Flo Fuentes in “Pitch Perfect 2 & 3” and as CheeChee in Disney Channel’s Original Movie franchise “Teen Beach Movie.” Along with various film and TV appearances, Fit also voices the character of Amanda Lopez on Disney XD’s animated show “Milo Murphy’s Law”…

Who are the new Bellas in Pitch Perfect?

All seems well until their Barden University Reunion they see that there’s a new group called Bellas X Gents has taken over the mantle of the original Barden Bellas. The Bellas sees Bellas X Gents performance at the reunion show which leads them shocked and disturbed by Bellas X Gents performance.

How did Beca find her talent in Pitch Perfect?

Beca is urged to join something by her father, a literature professor. Later, Chloe discovers Beca’s talent for singing and convinces her to audition.