Where can I listen to the new Motorhead album?

Where can I listen to the new Motorhead album?

PUT YOUR HEADPHONES ON to listen in immersive 360 Reality Audio Listen to the 40th anniversary version of Ace of Spades like never before, now available on Tidal, Deezer and Amazon Music HD. Stream Motörhead in full 360 Reality Audio. Register at Music.com on the link below to receive your 3-month free trial promo codes!

When did new Motorhead video the hammer come out?

To celebrate we’ve got a new video for a previously unreleased live version of ‘The Hammer’, recorded at Newcastle City Hall on 30th March… In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Ace of Spades, We are releasing a limited batch of cask strength bourbon in collaboration with Global Brews and the award winning Hillrock distillery.

What kind of sound system does Motorhead use?

Cassette tapes. Remember those? Those things with the dual spools and loads of wide brown plastic recording string that’d occasionally unravel and hang out of the shell, requiring a pencil and firm wrist to spin back into place? Yeah, well, once upon a time, old-school sound systems contained cassette decks for the express purpose of…

How did the band Motorhead get their name?

In 1975, aided by guitarist Larry Wallis (a one-time Pink Fairy) and drummer Lucas Fox, Lemmy formed Bastard, then quickly changed the name to the drug-inspired Motörhead (slang for speed-freak). Both the band and their sound were so dirty and nasty that Lemmy once proclaimed: “If we moved in next-door your lawn would die.”

What can you do with Motorhead YouTube channel?

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