What is lingula pneumonia?

What is lingula pneumonia?

Obscuration of the cardiac apex (i.e. silhouette sign) represents pathology in the lingula segment of the left upper lobe. In this setting airspace opacity with air bronchograms in the setting of the clinical presentation means this represents pneumonia.

What is lingula involvement?

The left lung, unlike the right does not have a middle lobe. However the term lingula is used to denote a projection of the upper lobe of the left lung that serves as the homologue. It is thought that the lingula of the left lung is the remnant of the middle lobe, which has been lost through evolution.

What does lingula mean?

: a tongue-shaped process or part: as. a : a ridge of bone in the angle between the body and the greater wing of the sphenoid. b : an elongated prominence of the superior vermis of the cerebellum. c : a dependent projection of the upper lobe of the left lung.

What language is lingula?

Borrowed from Latin lingula (“small tongue”), from lingua (“tongue”) + -ula (diminutive suffix).

What does the lingula of the left lung stand for?

It is also known by its Latin name, lingula pulmonis sinistri, which means little tongue of the left lung. The lingula represents an analog for the middle lobe of the right lung, which is absent in the left lung due to the position of the heart on the left side of the thoracic cavity.

Is there a pulmonary nodule in the lingula?

An additional pulmonary nodule in the lingula was also noted. The lungs have 19 segments distributed with 10 in the right lung (right upper lobe three, right middle lobe two, right lower lobe five) and nine in the left lung (left upper lobe three, lingula two, lower lobe four).

Where are the lingula located in the heart?

The two lingular segments are the most anterior of the segments in the left upper lobe lying below the apicoposterior and anterior segments and above the oblique fissure. The lingula abuts the left heart border causing a silhouette sign when there is lingular collapse or consolidation. oblique pericardial sinus superior aortic recess

Where is the pneumonia located in the lingula?

Lingular Pneumonia. The frontal view shows an airspace density in the left lower lung field (red arrow) which is silhouetting the left heart border (white arrow). The lateral view confirms the pneumonia is anterior, in the region of the lingula (blue arrows)