What is a fragmenting bullet?

What is a fragmenting bullet?

A fragmenting bullet is made to shatter, or at least parts of it are, when it’s fired into a soft target. Since fragmenting ammo breaks apart more easily than, say, a modern bonded hollow point…that means the bullet dumps energy into the target at a faster rate than, again, say a modern bonded hollow point.

Can you own law enforcement ammo?

California law generally prohibits people from owning, possessing, or having custody or control of ammunition or reloaded ammunition if they fall into any of the categories of people who are ineligible to purchase or possess firearms under state law.

Is frangible ammo bad for your gun?

While there are several internet rumors stating frangible ammo can ruin handgun barrels, I find this unproven and difficult to understand, as nearly all frangible ammo is made of copper and/or metals that are softer than copper; therefore causing swift damage to a steel barrel is unlikely.

What makes frangible ammo break into tiny fragments?

See what we have in-stock: Frangible Ammo Search » Frangible – the characteristic of breaking into tiny fragments – is a bullet that doesn’t deform or expand like a hollow point, but instead shatters or disintegrates upon impact with the target.

Is it legal for police to use Le ammunition?

Many believe that if police have determined this to be the best ammunition to use to protect ordinary citizens, it is logically the best ammunition for those same law-abiding citizens to use to protect themselves.” Takeaway: LE ammunition is expensive, and sometimes hard to find, but its use is NOT problematic for the non-sworn.

What kind of ammunition is used in law enforcement?

The .308 Win. Tactical Bonded Tip achieves accuracy and terminal performance unmatched by other ammunitions. 308 Win. The Tactical® Bonded® line is a trusted partner for some of the most intense conditions. Made exclusively for law enforcement, it achieves accuracy and terminal performance that defeats tough barriers with minimal deviation.

Is it OK to use frangible ammo in self defense?

First, because it doesn’t penetrate well, frangible ammo is not the ammo of choice for most self-defense scenarios that are unpredictable by their very nature.