What are the two types of criterion related validity?

What are the two types of criterion related validity?

Criterion validity is made up two subcategories: predictive and concurrent. Predictive validity refers to the extent to which a survey measure forecasts future performance. A graduate school entry examination that predicts who will do well in graduate school has predictive validity.

What are the different types of criterion?

There are two main types of criterion validity: concurrent validity and predictive validity. Concurrent validity is determined by comparing tests scores of current employees to a measure of their job performance.

What are the different types of validity in education?

The following six types of validity are popularly in use viz., Face validity, Content validity, Predictive validity, Concurrent, Construct and Factorial validity. Out of these, the content, predictive, concurrent and construct validity are the important ones used in the field of psychology and education.

What are the four types of validity in education?

The four types of validity

  • Construct validity: Does the test measure the concept that it’s intended to measure?
  • Content validity: Is the test fully representative of what it aims to measure?
  • Face validity: Does the content of the test appear to be suitable to its aims?

How do you establish criterion validity?

One of the simplest ways to assess criterion related validity is to compare it to a known standard . A new intelligence test, for example, could be statistically analyzed against a standard IQ test; if there is a high correlation between the two data sets, then the criterion validity is high.

What are the types of validity tests?

Types of Validity Content Validity. When a test has content validity, the items on the test represent the entire range of possible items the test should cover. Criterion-Related Validity. Construct Validity.

What are the types of construct validity?

Construct Validity. Construct validity refers to whether the method of assessment will actually elicit the desired response from a subject. Two types of construct validity are convergent and discriminant. If an assessment yields similar results to another assessment intended to measure the same skill, the assessment has convergent validity.

What does criterion validity mean?

Criterion validity. In psychometrics , criterion or concrete validity is the extent to which a measure is related to an outcome.