Is Kagami in love with Konata?

Is Kagami in love with Konata?

fun fact: the creator of lucky star, kagami yoshimizu, revealed that either konata or kagami is canonically in love with the other.

Is Konata an otaku?

Konata Izumi (泉こなた) is a character in the series Lucky Star. She loves anime, manga and video games, so you could say she is an otaku. She only shows her intelligence properly when it comes to her interests, and she does not study for tests, yet she always gets a pass.

Is Konata Izumi legal?

Plot Summary It is Konata’s birthday and she is happy to be a legal adult, because she can play adult-only games legally now.

How old is Miyuki from Lucky Star?


Miyuki Takara
Age 16-17
Gayness 7
Boldness 5
Commitment 6

What kind of food does Kagami eat in Lucky Star?

She is usually concerned about her weight, counting every kilogram she gains or loses. Kagami likes to eat sweet food and she is often seen eating sweet food at night, such as chocolate Pocky sticks.

What kind of food does Konata eat in Lucky Star?

Konata rarely eats a “normal” Japanese lunch, as she frequently eats only a chocolate cornet. Her physique is smaller than average when compared to her peers, which she claims hasn’t changed since she was in the sixth grade. She is ambidextrous, in contrast to the mostly left-handed main cast.

Who is Tsukasa Hiiragi in Lucky Star?

Tsukasa is the younger fraternal twin sister of Kagami Hiiragi and lives in a six-member family household as the youngest member. She is in the same class as Konata Izumi and excels in cooking.

When did Lucky Star Lucky Star doujin release?

Lucky Star Doujin released Nov 26 ’08 Konata x Kagami Lots of sex NSFW Swimsuits Watersports Yuri