How to check console logs in AIX?

How to check console logs in AIX?

Boot and console messages can be used to identify and fix problems. These messages are automatically stored on disk by AIX. To view the stored messages, use the alog command.

Where are AIX system logs?

The system log messages are stored in /var/adm/messages* by default. Errors are logged on the node(s) where the event occurred.

How do I check error logs in AIX?

To view the AIX system error log, you must use the AIX SMIT:

  1. Enter smit.
  2. In SMIT, select Problem Determination Tools > PowerHA SystemMirror Log Viewing and Management > View Detailed PowerHA SystemMirror Log Files > Scan the PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX System Log and press Enter. SMIT displays the error log.

What is console log in Linux?

The Linux console provides a way for the kernel and other processes to output text-based messages to the user, and to receive text-based input from the user. On each virtual terminal, a getty process is run, which in turn runs /bin/login to authenticate a user. After authentication, a command shell will be run.

How to read the console log in Aix?

The AIX console log is a binary log file that can be read with the following command: # alog -t console -o A number of AIX system processes log information into the console log when starting up during the boot process, and when shutting down during the shut down process.

Where can I find the error log in Aix?

AIX not only offers the errpt but also other error reporting logs. Using the alog command one can list and pick a log to view: When issues arise during the boot-up process, for example, and you’re not at the console, you can review the start-up process messages, particularly the boot and console messages.

What does the boot log on AIX mean?

These logs hold information on the boot-up process, console, hardware and system software events. It’s up to the system admin to take action on these events, because once AIX has published the log, its job is done. AIX not only offers the errpt but also other error reporting logs.

How to create syslog.conf file in Aix?

Create syslog.conf manually and specify log rotation parameters (unique, but very useful feature of AIX syslogd daemon implementation) The syslogd daemon does not create files unless they already exist. Touch required to create log files. After then you need to restart the daemon or ask it to reread config file with kill -HUP