How do you do the Rainbow perk challenge?

How do you do the Rainbow perk challenge?

The Rainbow Perk Challenge has the player collect all perks in a map in a certain order… by color. The order in which the perks are otained correspond with a rainbow (as much as the player can) in this order. Once you obtain the perks (you are able to obtain in the map) then you win the challenge.

What is the best perk in zombies?

1 Juggernog The most useful perk hands-down and one of the originals in nearly every zombies map out there, Juggernog has been the lifeline for many players in their zombies careers, and that won’t stop anytime soon. This perk doubles the number of hits a player can take before going down.

Is there a one hand challenge for codzombies?

One Hand Challenge: Xbox and PlayStation players: set your stick layout to legacy southpaw Pc players: bind walk forward to a mouse button, then play with only your right hand. – /u/Soro_Hanosh Carpenter Life: At the end of every round, you must repair EVERY barricade you can reach.

When does the box roulette challenge start codzombies?

Box Roulette Challenge: The challenge starts on or before round 7. From round 7 onwards, you have to use a new mystery box weapon every round for the rest of the game. Pack-a-punch and equipment is allowed. Traps are only allowed if you run out of ammo.

What’s the best way to kill zombies in Zombie Wars?

Zombie Wars: Gather a large train/herd of zombies and intentionally try to get the other members in the game downed by crossing your train in-front of their path. Wait until round 15 (can vary depending on map) to start the game in order to obtain gear and perks. Temporary truces can be formed. Last man surviving wins.

Are there any Illuminati challenges on codzombies?

Illuminati Challenge: Similar to the 3-2-1 Challenge but you must roll a 6 sided die 3 times to get your 3 numbers. If you have more Pack-a-Punches than guns then you switch those numbers. – /u/InfectedP0tato Bad Gun Challenge: You can only use guns that are usually called bad in their Non-Pack-a-Punched form. – /u/InfectedP0tato