Why does Sims mobile ask for your age?

Why does Sims mobile ask for your age?

For your safety and privacy if you are under 13 some social features will be disabled. If you need to change your age, you can do this in the options menu.

Why do games ask for your age?

Some apps are designed for older people and adults, this can be due to the content on the app, the data that is stored on the users, or could be due to the aim of the app (for example dating apps). The reason most social media services use an age limit of 13 or over is in part because of a law in the USA.

Is Sims 4 free on phone?

Seventeen years after the incredibly addictive game launched for PC, EA Games has announced that it’s finally bringing The Sims to mobile. Simply called The Sims Mobile, the game will be free to download and will work on both iOS and Android.

Which is better the Sims mobile or The Sims FreePlay?

Tdlr: freeplay’s gameplay is much slower but has more content and more lots and sims. Sims mobile is prettier and faster gameplay, but can be a burden on your wallet. I loved freeplay but after a while it was just so damn time-consuming. Everything is in real time and it gets so old so fast.

Is Sims 4 better than Sims FreePlay?

Right off the bat, though, it’s clear the graphics are much better due to the Sims 4 influence. But to be fair, FreePlay was created in 2011. That’s a long time ago and the game has come very far. That’s not really the case for FreePlay, which is a lot more structured than the PC game.