Who is Deb Tucker?

Who is Deb Tucker?

Her patented tools – Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star, Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star and fundamental line of rulers (Tucker Trimmer, Wing Clipper, Square/Squared, V-Block Trimmer, Corner Beam Trimmer, and others) are sold nationally and internationally.

What is a quilters magic wand?

The Quilter’s Magic Wand is an accurate ½” wide ruler with an etched line running down the middle. Use it for marking or measuring when high precision is required. It is especially useful for marking those diagonal seam lines when using the Tucker Trimmer and Wing Clipper lines of tools.

What kind of ruler does a Tucker Trimmer use?

An “in between” version of the original Tucker Trimmer I tool, this handy ruler allows you to do all of the same functions as the first except that the sizes of the units are in ¼” or ¾” increments.

How big of a block can I trim with Tucker Trimmer?

It has all of the sizes of the Tucker Trimmer I plus 13 additional size options up to and including trimming blocks to 13” that will finish to 12 ½” when sewn. I love to use this tool to trim down my Lemoyne Star blocks made with my Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star tool and any type of block that needs to be trimmed and squared to a specific size.

How big does a Tucker hourglass Trimmer get?

Although these particular sizes are not nearly as popular as the ½” and whole inch increments available on the Tucker Trimmer I, they are sometimes part of your quilting projects. And if you’ve ever tried to trim down a 2¾” hourglass unit you will highly appreciate this tool.

What kind of ruler does Bev Tucker use?

This is a simple but HIGHLY EFFECTIVE ruler for trimming 1/2 and 1/4 square triangles. Bev Tucker does it again. Her templates are the best!!!! I have the Tucker Trimmer I, Lemoyne Star, Flying Geese I and II and will be ordering the big Tucker Trimmer III (12 inch) soon.