Where does tamora Pierce live?

Where does tamora Pierce live?

New York City
Pierce lived with her husband Tim Liebe (Spouse-Creature) in New York City, with their four cats and multiple other pets, until they moved to Syracuse, New York.

Is Tamora Pierce still writing?

?: A yet untitled novel featuring Maura of Dunlath, very tentatively scheduled for publication in 2015, the last novel Tamora Pierce is under contract so far. This title is currently on hold; as of 2015 she was not planning to write it..

Who publishes tamora Pierce?

Simon & Schuster
Tamora Pierce | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster.

How many series has Tamora Pierce written?

Since the publication of the Song of the Lioness Quartet, Pierce has written nearly twenty novels set in her Tortall universe.

Where can I find information about Tamora Pierce?

Welcome to the official online home of fantasy author Tamora Pierce! Here is where you can find the most up-to-date information on her books, her worlds, and the author, herself. The website is updated regularly with News, Events, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

What was the first book Tamora Pierce wrote?

She made a name for herself with her first book series, The Song of the Lioness (1983–1988), which followed the main character Alanna through the trials and triumphs of training as a knight.

When did Tamora Pierce get married to Tim Liebe?

In 1983 one of these, ” Alanna (The first adventure) was published by Atheneum Books. She later got married to Tim Liebe with whom she live with in New York City with their pets then late shifted to Syracuse side of New York.

What did Tamora Pierce do in Lioness Rampant?

Lioness Rampant (1988) – Alanna travels to the “Roof of the World” in search of the mystically powerful Dominion Jewel in order to prove her worth as the first female knight in centuries. The Dominion Jewel is a legendary magical artifact rumored to unite any ruler who holds it with the land that he or she rules.