What is Meraki Systems Manager Agent?

What is Meraki Systems Manager Agent?

Meraki System Manager Agent The Meraki Systems Manager Agent is able to handle thousands of separate devices, utilizing Active Directory for seamless user enrollment. The central Meraki Dashboard interface allows for per-app controls and settings, including white/blacklists as well as per-app VPN access.

What does Meraki MDM do?

Meraki MDM Systems Manager allows you to manage mobile devices over the cloud in a secure environment. Basically, you control and manage mobile devices similar to the way you do with Meraki hardware. So, with Meraki MDM, employees can access company assets and data with their own devices.

How do I access Meraki Systems Manager?

Profile Installation

  1. Navigate to Systems Manager > Add devices > Windows.
  2. From the device, open: m.meraki.com.
  3. Click Connect on mobile, or on native Windows 10 click ‘Enroll into device management’ or ‘Enroll only in device management’.
  4. Enter your email address, click Connect or Continue.

Is meraki MDM still free?

Meraki Systems Manager is a feature of our cloud management platform that allows you to control the devices on your network. Systems Manager now supports Apple iOS devices and we are making Systems Manager available to any organization – 100% free!

What do I need to install Cisco Meraki agent?

Agent versions starting with v3.1 and up are network-agnostic. In addition, Systems Manager software must be installed with local administrator privileges as applicable by the device type. In Dashboard, navigate to Systems Manager > Manage > Add devices > Windows .

Why do I need systems manager for Meraki?

Adding Systems Manager to your Meraki network unleashes more visibility, security, and control for your managed devices. Seamless onboarding – require devices connecting to corporate Wi-Fi to enroll into Systems Manager. Secure Wi-Fi – Encrypt network traffic between a user’s device and the access point.

How does Meraki agent and MDM profile work?

The Meraki agent installs like an application and runs as a service in the background of your enrolled Windows/Mac machine. The agent provides additional functionality, such as custom software deployment and remote desktop. The agent and profile are not mutually exclusive, you can enroll a device using either method or with both.

How can I get my Device to enroll in Meraki?

You should see a message that the device is ‘Connected to Systems Manager’ as below. The device will automatically synchronize with the Meraki Cloud and appear in the client list. You can also use SM Sentry to force iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices to enroll in Systems Manager for an efficient mass deployment or BYOD.