What is electron transfer reaction give example?

What is electron transfer reaction give example?

Electron transfer reaction is a reaction in which a single electron is transferred from one molecule to another [1]. For example, a reaction that occurs when steel wool (made of iron atoms) is placed in a solution of CuSO4 is given in Figure 1.25.

What are the electron transfer reaction?

Electron transfer (ET) occurs when an electron relocates from an atom or molecule to another such chemical entity. ET is a mechanistic description of a redox reaction, wherein the oxidation state of reactant and product changes.

What is two electron transfer reaction?

Two competing mechanisms of two‐electron transfer arise. One is a process with two sequential single electron steps D=A→D−A−→DA=. The other involves ET in one concerted two‐electron step (D=A→DA=). The general rate expressions for two‐electron transfer are obtained.

What are outer sphere electron transfer reactions?

Outer sphere refers to an electron transfer (ET) event that occurs between chemical species that remain separate and intact before, during, and after the ET event. In contrast, for inner sphere electron transfer the participating redox sites undergoing ET become connected by a chemical bridge.

Which is a common reaction between coordination complexes?

Some metal complexes are formed virtually irreversibly and many are bound together by bonds that are quite strong. A common reaction between coordination complexes involving ligands are electron transfers. There are two different mechanisms of electron transfer redox reactions: inner sphere or outer sphere electron transfer.

When do electron transfer reactions occur more quickly?

In some cases, electron transfers occur much more quickly in the presence of certain ligands. For example, compare the rate constants for the following two electron transfer reactions, involving almost exactly the same complexes: (Note: aqua ligands are omitted for simplicity. Ions, unless noted otherwise, are aqua complexes.)

How does the outer sphere electron transfer mechanism work?

Outer Sphere Electron Transfer Mechanism In this mechanism, there is a direct transfer of electrons from the reductant to oxidant and the coordination sphere remains intact. The ligands in both the reactants remain as such and the bond making or bond-breaking does not take place.

Which is the donor atom in a coordination compound?

The donor atom is the atom within a ligand that is bonded to the central atom or ion. Coordination complexes can undergo a variety of reactions, including electron transfer, ligand exchange, and associative processes. coordinationThe reaction of one or more ligands with a metal ion to form a coordination compound.